It’s not just statues that are toppling in Canada

Jordan Peterson: The activists are now stalking the hard scientists | National Post Ben Mulroney steps down as host of CTV's 'etalk' to make way for Black, Indigenous voices | National Post UBC board of governors chair steps down after ‘liking’ anti-Black Lives Matter tweets - BC | In Canada it is no longer… Continue reading It’s not just statues that are toppling in Canada

My response to George Floyd

I don't know if I am skilled enough to write on this subject. I'm going to make an attempt, with the possibility that this may never see publication. If you are reading this, then I am satisfied that I somewhat clearly communicated what is on my heart. It seems that saying nothing is seen as… Continue reading My response to George Floyd

The Cornavirus isn’t so good for the drug trade

US$5M worth of marijuana seized at Canada-U.S. border the June 17 CTV News headline reads. More than 1.5 tonnes of marijuana was found in a truck entering the U.S. from Canada, American border officials allege. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) says the 1,517-kilogram stash was seized on June 13 from a truck that had… Continue reading The Cornavirus isn’t so good for the drug trade

Canadian Conservative Leadership Debate

I watched a portion of the leadership debates yesterday and today. One thing I noted was the tag line beneath Erin O'Toole "Won't say there is systemic racism." I'm not sure if there were other tags, since I didn't watch the entire debates and didn't notice any others but I thought it strange that CBC… Continue reading Canadian Conservative Leadership Debate

In Defense of Journalism and Having an Opinion

Several weeks ago I told myself they are coming for Rex Murphy next. And it has happened. There is something sinister occurring in the world. I’ve watched it for some years now. An element of society has set themselves up as judge and jury. All they have to do is point a finger, and with… Continue reading In Defense of Journalism and Having an Opinion

A New Look

This week I updated my blog and gave it a new look. After about a decade, I figured it was time for a change. If you have been following me over the years, you may have noticed that I've moved away from my focus on the craft of writing. This blog will still feature my… Continue reading A New Look

If You Have a Website Then Please Put a Link on Your Gravatar Profile so We Can Find You

How many times have I clicked on the icon of someone who has commented on, or liked an article, because I want to go to their website? I am instantly taken to their GRAVATAR profile which, most often, disappointingly, does not provide me with what I am looking for, which is  a link to their… Continue reading If You Have a Website Then Please Put a Link on Your Gravatar Profile so We Can Find You