If You Have a Website Then Please Put a Link on Your Gravatar Profile so We Can Find You

How many times have I clicked on the icon of someone who has commented on, or liked an article, because I want to go to their website? I am instantly taken to their GRAVATAR profile which, most often, disappointingly, does not provide me with what I am looking for, which is  a link to their website(s).

Aren’t we all blogging because we want others to read what we write? Isn’t the whole purpose of having a website so that readers will find you and read your writing?

Then, in that case, we have to leave the address to our website on the most reasonable place where people will indefinitely be directed when they click on our GRAVATAR IMAGE: our GRAVATAR PROFILE.

If I don’t find a website link on a GRAVATAR PROFILE, then I go through the complex process of doing a Google search with the scant information on their profile to see if they indeed have a website.

Your GRAVATAR PROFILE is like free advertising. It’s your “storefront.” It provides access to your websites. It gives information about you. Or it is BLANK and says “This is a dead end. You are never going to find out anything more about this person.”

Let’s start at the very beginning.


This is from the GRAVATAR WEBSITE:

Your Gravatar profile includes your Gravatar image and name, as well as other profile details you may choose to include. To edit your Gravatar profile, log in at Gravatar.com, click My Account, and then Edit My Profile — or just click here.

Go the the HELP menu and click

How to Add Websites to Your Gravatar Profile

Follow instructions. Simple.

I admit it took me a long time to find out I needed to do this and I only realized it after clicking on other GRAVATARS and comparing them to my own. I noted that some had links to their websites and other pertinent information. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN AUTOMATICALLY. I had to physically add the information I wanted others to view. It’s very possible that there are others out there, like me, who have no idea that they need to do this. I hope this is helpful.


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