About me….

I like to keep things simple. I value good old common sense. I think access to knowledge should be free. But I know wisdom has a price.

It’s time to edit my About page, after approximately a decade. I deeply appreciate all the comments and unfortunately I deleted the section they applied to. It had something to do with wanting to be a good influence in a troubled world, and believing in Christ, the Rock of my life.

I started this blog with a lot of optimism as I attended my first writer’s conference in Oregon, Washington. I’ve learned a lot since then. At the time I had this blog for the purpose of sharing my writing journey and to pass on encouraging bits I learned about writing. I also have other blogs where I write, but my writing has, unfortunately, dwindled to a bare trickle in recent years.

Today I prayed a prayer that went like this, “It’s time I KNOW…what I am to do. It’s time I DO…what I am to do.”

I became side-tracked when I met a woman who put herself out there and objected to some of the questionable material taught in schools in the name of anti-bullying. I experienced what I think is called secondary trauma as I watched what she went through.

Around that time I began to see a lot of reasonable bloggers and you-tubers start to be de-platformed. I noticed the power these “publishing houses” had to censor whomever they chose, and I started to wonder what influence they were under.

Next came the U.S. election and the single narrative that was allowed in public concerning what happened. More people were de-platformed, especially after January 6. A very self-disclosing article appeared, written by Democrats, describing the detailed process of how the election was won.

This was followed by the coronavirus epidemic and now the all-out mandatory vaccination process, along with vaccine passports.

In the midst of all of this my world, like that of so many others, has been shaken. I forgot to mention another significant event. I was threatened with repercussions by Facebook when I posted a link to an article that informed people that 500 scientists sent a letter to the United Nations listing objections to the proposed Climate Change agenda. This was a real letter, by actual scientists, sent to the U.N. It was ripped apart by various media outlets and apparently considered to be false or misleading by Facebook, the judge and jury.

Where are we headed? At first few people knew about what was going on, but that has changed. Perhaps the virus lockdowns offered the opportunity to investigate. We now have some really weird theories floating around, further confusing the issues.

And in the midst of this, I ask, what is my role? I have a limited amount of time and energy. As far as I can tell, now, I think my part is to just submit a kind of “thought summary” of what I am going through, week by week, trying to be an encouragement and a support to people, while shedding a little light on what is going on. Truly, I don’t fully understand what is going on. There is so much happening. But we have to try to make sense of it all.

“Look for the helpers,” as Mr. Rogers used to say. Identify those who are truly trying to be helpful in the world, and contrast them with those who are not being helpful at all.

Learn how to THINK WELL. And learn how to BE WELL. There is a movement of thinkers and teachers who are realizing the importance of remaining balanced in this world.

Try to keep life CLEAR and UNCLUTTERED.

Yes, it is expected that anyone who tries to do any amount of good will be attacked, labeled and censored. This is the world we are now having to adjust to, and social media is largely to blame. People are put in categories which are then dismissed as….fill in the blanks. Find ways to rise above this. It will take some creativity and ingenuity.

Yesterday I watched The Great British Baking Show, which ironically is helping to boost the floundering ratings of the CBC–Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, funded by our Liberal government. An ad flashed, only once, with a lot of what I call “centrist” news sources and the caption said that these were the cause of the Death of Democracy. This is a total lie. It might have been hackers.

We’ve been so gullible and believed everything. Now that we are waking up we are called conspiracy theorists. I’m here to wake up more people. And to find the real helpers. Not the ones advocating for population control…another way of saying reducing the population, namely, not caring if people suffer and die by one means or another. These are not the helpers. These are the haters. If you don’t care about people dying either by the vaccine or the virus, then you are not truly helping. We have to protect people from hazards, all hazards.

I am still a believer in the old adage, spoken by Christ, that the truth, properly spoken, has the power to set people free.


20 thoughts on “About

  1. I feel the same way appreciating the beauty of the world. I love John Lennon song “Imagine” It is kind of what you and most of us wish. I am sure we are getting closer to that point. πŸ˜€ At least, that is my wish.

  2. Wow! A sense of peace and the power of the Holy Spirit comes right through the screen! I’m looking forward to reading more!

    Like you, I don’t want to “imagine there’s no heaven.” It’s my favorite place to take a mental “vacation” – wondering what we’ll be doing a million years from today!

    May the Lord give you much fruit for your labor of love here!

    \ πŸ™‚ /
    Praising Jesus!

    • Thank you for your encouragement. I don’t know why I didn’t see this blog earlier, to approve it. I’m smiling thinking of you wondering what we’ll be doing a million years from now!

      • This:
        \ πŸ™‚ /

        Oh, and *poof* now you see me… *poof* now you don’t. That’s what Jesus did to the folks after He was raised from the dead. If we are going to be like Him when we see Him, I’m banking on that being part of the package deal.

        Oh yeah! I’m gonna have fun with that one for about the first hundred years. Watch for me…I’m on my way! πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you for being another woman in love with Jesus, and not afraid to share it. I look through your blog and see hope for a future! Arent you just amazed to where God has brought you at this moment in time? You are a blessed woman, and may God continue to lift you up!


  4. I can’t believe that I never wrote a comment on your WELCOME page! This is exactly how I feel too! EVERYTHING about what you said! I have to say SAME!
    I need to edit my ABOUT! I like yours better! LOL.

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