Paint what you see

Yesterday I saw the sky, strikingly blue, behind a row of dark evergreens and a bright yellow-orange poplar. As usual, I wanted to imprint the scene in my memory and paint it. There is something inside me that desires to capture and hold beauty.

As I looked at the intensity of the colors and the gorgeous contrasts, the thought came to my mind, “paint what you see,” not as in, “paint this particular scene,”┬ábut, “paint the way you see life; paint it from your perspective, paint it exactly as it appears to you.”

It is very challenging for an artist to capture a mood and try and recreate the precise feelings evoked by a scene. But isn’t this what draws us into a unique work of art? We see a painting and it moves us. It speaks to us without words.

The fall season, in the northwest is so beautiful it takes my breath away. I am intimidated at the thought of trying to recreate what I see, to put it on paper or on canvas. My attempts usually end in disappointment. But every day I can enjoy this beauty as I look out my windows or go for a walk or a drive. The part of me that desires to capture and hold beauty can’t help but praise and thank and honour the original Artist.