More on voice

Does anyone else have this problem?

I find myself all over the place when it comes to writing. Today I wrote an article on True Confidence. Day before yesterday I wrote a short story. I seem to be doing anything but editing my novel.

Yes, I am still writing, and I suppose that is a good thing. If I were to analyze myself, I might say that I am not comfortable with my novel. Maybe I don’t want to publish it? If not, then why? Is it just my critical nature? Is it my fear of exposure?

I am going back to my article regarding voice. Does my novel represent my voice? I think this is the real reason for my avoidance. I question whether I am saying what I want to say in the way I want to say it.

I need to dig deeper. We all talk about finding our voice. How do you actually do it? Or is it just a matter of recognizing it when you find it?

I feel like there are layers and layers I have to go through to find out the truth about what it is I want to say. Does anyone else have this problem?