I’m back…not really

Last year I took my novel to a writers conference and had several authors, agents and editors look at it. One agent even asked me to submit my manuscript but I knew in my heart it wasn’t ready. This was confirmed by author friends of mine who have been kind enough to edit a few pages.

Now I am having a second go at it. For this reason I will be focusing on re-editing for the next while and you probably won’t see many posts here. If I don’t make it a priority now, I won’t have anything worthwhile to show when I meet the people at the conference who want to help new authors like me.

I always prided myself in being a multi-tasker, but I guess here is an exception. I should have some news by mid-August. Thanks for your prayers. And all the best with your projects as well! Have a great summer!


10 thoughts on “I’m back…not really

  1. I tip my hat to you, Madame! I wrote a short (132 page) book, and had to handle the editing, formatting, and all the other stuff that goes with it. I’m sure the nervous tic will go away in time. 😉

    I’m asking Abba to make your crooked paths straight, your rough places smooth, and that the process would be handled with grace and peace. I can’t wait to hear an update.


  2. You have my support, Tina! I’ve been helped by an amazing free book: “Do the Work” by Stephen Pressfield. He is the author of such great books as “The Legend of Bagger Vance.” This short book contains a lot of the philosophy in his “War of Art,” but it is a hands-on manual for completing any creative project. That said, I have faith in you, and look forward to reading your finished work!

  3. Thank you Susan! I will check out the book you mentioned. I can’t wait until you can read my “finished work.” My sister Sue recently asked me to bring a copy of my novel, as is, for her to read. Of course I didn’t, but she my motivation, as you are! Take care!

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