Moving along…

I just deleted the Mr. WordPress “comment” and now this is beginning to look like a for real web page. I’ll warn you, though, it is still under construction.

Yesterday I did a lot of work here. When my husband came home I was still in my housecoat. Not true. It was his housecoat. He thought I was ready for bed. It was that late. I get really obsessive sometimes and when I get that way, stay out of my way! Don’t worry. I am clothed and of sound mind today.

I realized that “pages” were not what I thought they were and they were not going to serve my purpose. So, I started some new blogs. I guess what I wanted was something like a host page for blogs.

I am experiencing a steep learning curve. I love learning. What I don’t like is running into things that don’t work. It’s especially discouraging when you’re learning, because you keep doing something over and over, thinking the mistake must be your own. I finally gave up on one of the themes I tried for a blog because it wouldn’t post my photo and text or it would cut it off.  It’s the one with the six columns, I’ll warn you.

Today I will make a few posts, and hopefully learn how to put links to my blogs on my other websites. I also need to start using tags. I’ll be posting an interesting development on My Novel in a minute.


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