A few more snags

I’m trying to put widgets on my sites, but the ones I’ve imported are frozen. It happened when I tried to link to Facebook. They won’t open and they won’t move. I feel rather helpless, but maybe this will eventually sort itself out. I closed everything down and now I’ll see if it makes a difference.

I’ve posted on all of my blogs today. This is the last one. I’m trying to decide how much time I can afford to spend on my blogs. Will I have to delete any of them? It is good writing practice, but my novel is sitting forlornly on the sidelines, waiting to be edited.

Of course, once I can get the sites properly set up then I won’t be wasting so much time with technicalities. I am really looking forward to having time to check out other people’s blogs. I’ve put this pleasure on hold for now, except for two people who liked my site. =) This is definitely starting off with a bang.

One of my “likes” has a fantastic photography blog and you may see me following him in the future. He has pictures of hiking the West Coast Trail. But I won’t be following the other one, I can tell you right now. I am not interested in porn photos and was actually disappointed that wordpress hosts this site. I thought I read something in their agreement about certain standards for posting. Will women please wake up and realize that if we want to be respected we have to stop taking all of our clothes off in public?!!!

I’m done with my rant….now back to my blog. I was also unsuccessful in trying to learn how to put the “read more” tags on my posts. I have worked with blogspot and I think in some ways blogspot is easier to navigate than wordpress.

I look forward to more trial and error until I get the hang of this. At some point I’ll tell my friends about my blogs. I admit I never did so when I was on blogspot. Well, there was one exception, and after I told her I deleted them all. But Facebook has made me a little braver, I think.


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