This blog is about writing

This blog is about writing, in case you didn’t notice. I mean, what could give you a clue? Dewdrops on green leaves, maybe?

This is my main site, and I’m so proud of getting my own name as the domain name. Well, pride isn’t really a factor, because it was merely a matter of availability, but I’m pleased none the less.

This is about writing and finishing my novel, to publication. It is also about finding other things to write about, and places to publish what I write.

I have this sense that I will have to change the appearance of this site in some way, so that it at least gives people a bit of a heads up. I’m taking some time to think about that. Unfortunately I am one of those people who often needs quite a bit of time to think. It’s well worth it if I come up with something. But it can also be a real waste of time.

But, basically, I like the look of this site as it is. And it does say, “My Novel” up top in the “pages” section.

My other blogs are actual writing, about my life, and of course my photography. My home page, as I call this, is currently devoted to writing about writing, the process. So, you can see, there is truly a bit of a focus here.


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